Sulfuric Acid Plant is a metallurgical process. Roasting technology of OUTOEC company is used. OUTOTEC technology is also used in Gas Cleaning and Acid Production. In Acid Production, OUTOEC firm has the "DCDA - Double Contact Double Absorption" method. The emission values of the facility, which makes production using the best available technique, are far below the ministry limits.

Raw Material : Pyrite concentrate containing 48-50% sulfur is used as raw material.
Sulfuric Acid : 98% technical grade sulfuric acid is produced. Phosphoric acid is used in phosphate fertilizer and metal production. Production is made at a capacity of 2080 t / day.
Calcine : Calcine with d50 = 40 microns containing cobalt, zinc and copper is produced. And calcine used in metal production. 1000 t / day capacity is produced..
Steam : Dry steam is produced at 400 C and 60 bars. It is used in the production of electricity, phosphoric acid, phosphate fertilizers and metals. And steam is produced 2880 t / day capacity

As a result of roasting the pyrite concentrate supplied from our Küre mine in the oven at 750-800 C, 3 products are formed. Calcine released as a result of combustion is in powder form and is stored in silos to be used in metal production after being cooled by cyclones and electro filters. Heat energy, on the other hand, is removed by the waste heat recovery system and steam is generated. After the sulfur dioxide in the gas phase released as a result of pyrite roasting is separated from calcin and high temperature, it is separated from the fine particles and aerosols in the gas cleaning unit by means of venturi scrubbers and electrofilters, making it suitable for reaction in acid production. The cleaned gas is fed to the converter containing vanadium pentaoxide to produce sulfur trioxide required for acid production. The gas containing sulfur trioxide is then absorbed in the absorption towers with sulfuric acid containing low water and acid production occurs. The product is sent to acid stock tanks and distributed to users within the facility.

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