Our Phosphoric Acid Plant is the wet method phosphoric acid production process. It consists of two main parts as phosphate beneficiation and phosphoric acid production. Concentrated phosphate production technology of OUTOTEC is used in the phosphate beneficiation plant. Prayon company's the Prayon Mark 4 dihydrate process technology is applied for phosphoric acid plant. SNC LAVALIN technology is used in the production of concentrated phosphoric acid. The emission values of the facility, which makes production using the latest technology available, are realized well below the ministry limits.

• Concentrated Phosphate production; It’s using 19-20% P2O5 consist of rock phosphate by Mardin-Mazidagi mine.
• Weak Phosphoric Acid Production; 98% Sulphuric Acid and 24-26% P2O5 consist concentrated Phosphate slurry.
• Concentrated Phosphoric Acid Production: 24-26% P2O5 weak Phosphoric Acid
All of raw materials are producing and providing from internal resource’s in Turkey. That’s why we are producing indigenously and national phosphoric acid at the first time in a republic history.

Concentrated Phosphate: 2880 TPD dry phosphate – Concentration of Concentrated Phosphate 24-26 %P2O5. It is the main raw material of weak phosphoric acid production.
Weak Phosphoric Acid: 700 TPD 100% P2O5 – Concentration of weak acid 24-26% P2O5. It is the main raw material of Concentrated Phosphoric acid production.
Concentrated Phosphoric Acid: 700 TPD 100% P2O5 – Concentration of Concentrated acid 50-24% P2O5. It is the main raw material of phosphate fertilizer production.

Phosphate preparation unit consists of 3 main processes: crushing, grinding and thickening. The raw phosphate rock is (19-20% P2O5) crushing to the desired sizing. Sized phosphate is grinding in a OUTOTEC AG Mill, and then elected by special sieves. It’s obtained concentrated phosphate (24-26% P2O5). Obtained product is processing of dewatering process with anionic polymers in a thickening unit. Concentrated phosphate is transferring to storage tanks for phosphoric acid production.

Concentrated Phosphate Production Diagram

Phosphate slurry and Sulphuric Acid (98%) are feeding to the reaction tank. End of reaction, It’s occurs weak phosphoric acid (24- 26% P2O5) and Calcium Sulphate Dihydrate as called Gypsum. Temperature of exothermic reaction is keeping constant at 78-80 ⁰C with High-Tech Low Level Flash Cooler System and it’s providing stable Calcium Sulphate Dihydrate occur.

Optained solid-liquid mixed phase separating with Prayon’s High-Tech Tilting pan filters at the high efficiency. Separated Weak Phosphoric Acid is transferring to storage tanks for concentration unit. Gypsum is transferrin by trucks to the membrane covered storage area. Weak acid (14-26% P2O5) is evaporating with LP Steam at Cross flow heat exchanging system in a under vacuum concentration unit. Produced Concentrated Phosphoric Acid (50-54% P2O5) is transferring for using in fertilizer production.

Weak Phosphoric Acid Flow Diagram

Concentrated Phosphoric Acid Flow Diagram

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