The precious metals contained in the calcine ash obtained by burning the pyrite mine in the sulfuric acid plant, which is the waste of the copper concentrate production of Eti Bakır Küre Plant, are sent to the leach facility for recovery. Calcine is sludged and leached in autoclave (under high temperature and pressure, with the addition of oxygen and sulfuric acid), then the cobalt, zinc and copper elements are separated from the sludge (solid) in solution.
The solution obtained is sent to the copper solvent extraction unit and thanks to the selective organic copper element is separated from other metals. The dissociated copper is obtained as cathode copper in the electrowinning zone.
The solution containing cobalt and zinc from the copper solvent extraction unit is sent to the cobalt solvent extraction unit and the cobalt and zinc elements are separated from other metals thanks to the selective organic. Separated cobalt and zinc are separately precipitated with sodium carbonate and packaged as cobalt carbonate and zinc carbonate.



Cobalt is an important metal whose use and value has increased in recent years. It is especially used in the production of high-capacity batteries, batteries, magnets and electromagnets. In addition, as it is a hard metal, cobalt has a share in products such as cutting and piercing tools, materials resistant to corrosion, abrasion and high temperature, and coating materials. It is also used in sectors such as jet turbines, super alloys, color pigments, petroleum products.

Physical Property
Color Purple-Pink
Fragrance Unscented
True Density [g/cm3] 3.120
Bulk Density [g/cm3] 1.160
Humidity [%] < 25.000
Chemical Content Warranty Values ​​ Typical Values ​​
Loss on Ignition (1000 ºC) [%] < 40.000 36.700
Co [%, Icp-Oes] > 43.0000 46.0000
Na [%, Icp-Oes] < 2.0000 0.8000
Mn [%, Icp-Oes] < 0.8000 0.5000
Zn [%, Icp-Oes] < 0.5000 0.1000



The most widely used area of ​​zinc is galvanizing. Galvanized sheets and construction materials and electrical and other overhead line poles are the areas where galvanization is most used. Brass alloy and zinc alloys used in casting molds, especially in the automotive industry, are other important areas where zinc is used. Zinc oxide is used in oil paint and rubber production.

Physical Property
Color Cream
Fragrance Unscented
True Density [g/cm3] 3.05
Bulk Density [g/cm3] 1.00
Humidity [105 C, 2h] < 35.00
Chemical Content Warranty Values ​​
Loss on Ignition (1000 ºC) [%] < 40.00
Zn [%, Icp-Oes] > 42.00
Na [%, Icp-Oes] < 8.00



Although copper is mostly used in the electrical industry, it is used in the construction industry, transportation vehicles, industrial machinery, weapon and war industry.

Physical Property
Length [mm] 1150
Width [mm] 1012
Thickness [mm] 4 - 10
Weight [kg] 60 - 80
Chemical Content Warranty Values ​​ Typical Values ​​
Cu [%, Oes] > 99.99306 99.99779482
Fe [ppm, Oes] < 0.00103 0.00004557
Zn [ppm, Oes] < 0.00012 0.00003176

Annual Production Capacity Quantity
Metallic Cobalt 2100 tons
Metallic Zinc 1000 tons
Metallic Copper 2000 tons
Copper Analysis and Technical You can download the Information Form by clicking here.
Zinc Analysis and You can download the Technical Data Sheet by clicking here.
Cobalt Carbonate Analysis and you can download the Technical Data Sheet by clicking here.

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