Our Human Resources Approach

Human Resources Vision

To create and sustain a working climate and culture necessary for Eti Bakır Mazıdağı Metal Recycling and Integrated Fertilizer Plant to achieve its goals, making effective and efficient use of human resources through sustainable practices.

Human Resources Mission

To reach our goals with a human resource that embraces the values of Eti Bakır Mazıdağı Metal Recycling and Integrated Fertilizer Plant, has the required competencies, is willing to develop themselves, their surroundings, and their work, makes decisions based on data, and adds value.

Human Resources Policy

The human resources policy of our facility aims to create a committed, happy, productive, successful, and healthy workforce that aligns with our vision, mission, principles, and values, where fairness, transparency, and the right to speak are respected, and employees have opportunities to showcase their potential. Each employee contributes to the future of our facility, then Eti Bakır A.Ş., and finally, our parent company, Cengiz Holding.
In line with this goal, the Human Resources department works with a strategic business partner approach with all units. It continually analyzes company and employee needs, creates value, and adapts quickly to changing conditions. All our policies are operated and developed within the processes outlined below.

• Acquisition of Talent

Based on our vision, mission, principles, and values, the most suitable and competent candidates are placed in current positions.
These placements are supported by scientific techniques. Various communication channels, including social media, are used to increase awareness of talents related to our facility. Internship and communication activities are carried out with the aim of bringing talented university, college, or vocational high school students to our company. Connections with relevant schools are established and developed.

• Management of Talent

The performance of all employees is evaluated using scientific methods. Various training and development opportunities are provided to improve performance. Analyses are conducted not only on what is done but also on how it is done. Potential assessment, rotation, succession planning and career plans continuously enhance the abilities of our employees.
Job descriptions, job analyses, performance systems, competency management, target management, job descriptions, job analyses, determination of competencies and skills, and career plans are designed and continuously improved according to needs for talent management.

• Retention of Talent

A strong corporate culture, lived and shared by all employees, is created. Scientific analysis is conducted to increase employee engagement, and actions are taken. Global, national, and industry trends are monitored in salary and fringe benefit packages. An award system is used to recognize and reward behaviors and professional efforts that create value.
Working hours that preserve the work-life balance of our employees are adopted, and an efficient work schedule is supported.
Communication channels with our employees are diversified and kept open continuously. Various committees are established to ensure the participation of all our employees.
Initiatives are taken and actions are taken to increase employee participation in all our activities.

Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process is implemented with the goal of placing the most suitable and competent candidates in current positions at Eti Bakır Mazıdağı Metal Recycling and Integrated Fertilizer Plant, based on our vision, mission, principles, and values.
Our recruitment process is supported by various scientific techniques.

You can follow the current job opportunities at our facility on LinkedIn job postings and through the platform. You can also apply by using the Apply Us option or by sending your resume to the email address.

Internship Program

A comprehensive internship program is implemented at Eti Bakır Mazıdağı Metal Recycling and Integrated Fertilizer Plant. The aim is to prepare interns for working life in terms of both technical and social aspects, as well as managerial skills.

Interns stay in a guesthouse designed for four-star hotel comfort throughout their internship, are introduced to important places in the region with a cultural trip, and participate in evening dinners and tea talk events with managers.

If mutual satisfaction is achieved at the end of the internship program, employment opportunities are provided to the interns.

You can access detailed information about our program by watching the video prepared with the interns who interned at our company in 2023.

Life in The Social Facility

Eti Bakır Mazıdağı Metal Recycling and Integrated Fertilizer Plant offers a comfortable social facility where employees and their families can stay and enjoy quality time together.

Located 8 km from our factory, our social facility includes:
• 1+0, 2+1, and 3+1 residences,
• A playhouse designed for children aged 2-6,
• A pond-side recreational park,
• Children's playgrounds,
• Basketball, volleyball, tennis, and football fields,
• A cafeteria and a market,
• A semi-Olympic outdoor swimming pool,
• A gym and sauna
• Table tennis, billiards, and a game room,
• 2 picnic areas,
• Forest walking trails,
• Hobby gardens,
• Hairdressing services,
• An open-air cinema and event area,
• Weekend shuttle service to Diyarbakır and Mardin.

Eti Gübre; which contribute to the development of the national economy and to implement giant projects, continue to produce work for Turkey.

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