HR Policy of Cengiz Holding, which believes that its most important capital is human resources; It is based on "creating an employee profile that is expert in the profession, highly motivated, socially competent, creating added value, managing, directing and developing human resources"
  • To provide the right people to employ the right positions ,
  • For new positions, first of all, to evaluate the human resources within Holding ,
  • Ensuring that employees take tasks suitable for their knowledge and abilities ,
  • Keeping morale and motivation at the highest level of employees at all levels, create family awareness ,
  • To create a healthy , safe and peaceful working environment in terms of worker health and safety,
  • Determining training needs for employees, prepare and implement training programs ,
  • To evaluate the employee's performance according to objective criteria and reward ,
  • To provide internship to University students,
  • Open communication to provide the environment,
  • To protect and develop all personal rights of the personnel. ​

Eti Gübre; which contribute to the development of the national economy and to implement giant projects, continue to produce work for Turkey.

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