In base fertilization per decare (depending on the amount of product that can be taken in the region and soil analysis)
WORT NAME DAP 18.46 NP 20.20
Wheat 13-18 Kg/da 30-40 Kg/da
Barley 9-14 Kg/da 25-35 Kg/da
Barley 21-37 Kg/da 45-60 Kg/da
Sunflower 12-18 Kg/da 18-24 Kg/da
Cotton 18-24 Kg/da 50-65 Kg/da
Sugar beet 35-43 Kg/da 38-55 Kg/da
Bağ 10-18 Kg/da 22-27 Kg/da
Olive (Per tree) 0,5-1 Kg/da 1,5-2 Kg/da

Turkey’s 100% domestic and national DAP 18.46.0 fertilizer

The phosphorus in DAP fertilizer acts faster with respect to other phosphorus fertilizers in the soil. Dap fertilizer should be given to the grains during planting. If enough DAP fertilizer is not given; the roots will be weaken, the development of the plant will be insufficient, the maturation will be delayed and the plant will be stunted. Older-lower-leaves will turn into purple or dark green, and yield will be decreased.

Due to its high phosphorus content, it accelerates the root development in earlier-growth periods of the plant and strengthens the root system. It is the most useful fertilizer for plant development. By providing blooming, it increases the grain and the fruit set. With the deficiency of phosphorus content, product quantity and quality decreases. It should be applied to the seed or root depth before planting or during planting. It is appropriate to bury into the soil to 8 – 13 cm depth just before planting in spring season.



DAP fertilizer can be used successfully on all plants. DAP fertilizer has a rich content of phosphorus and nitrogen. Since there is approximately 65 – 70 kg of pure plant nutrients in 100 kg of DAP fertilizer, it provides great advantages and savings in transportation, storage and labor. It can be stored for years without getting ground in warehouses with low relative humidity.

Guaranteed Content Guarantee Value%
Total Nitrogen (N) % 18
Ammonium Nitrogen % 18
Neutral Ammonium Citrate and Water Soluble Phosphorus Penta Oxide(P2O5) % 46
Water Soluble Phosphorus Penta Oxide (P2O5) % 42
Physical characteristics
Yoğunluk (Partikül) 1.60 g/cm3
Density (Yıpma) 0.95-1.05 g/cm
Grain Size
Between 2-4 mm %90
Packaging PP Bag-PE inner bag


DAP is a compound fertilizer that contains important nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen. 18.46.0 DAP fertilizer, which is offered to the farmers by Eti Gübre, contains 18% nitrogen (N) and 46% phosphorus as phosphorus pentaoxide (P2O5). Since the nitrogen it contains is in the form of ammonium (NH4), it is very effective especially in earlier-growth periods of the plants. DAP fertilizer provides increase in the yield, good color formation, high tolerance to extremely cold and drought conditions, resistance to diseases and pests and longer shelf life.

For cereals and similar plants, the most ideal application method is to give DAP fertilizer to the seed depth and in the band formation by seeder just before planting or during planting in autumn season. In cases which seeder cannot be used for seeding, DAP fertilizer is sprinkled on the field surface just before planting, and then the fertilizer is mixed with the soil by planting.

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The content of 18.46.0 DAP Fertilizer produced entirely locally by Eti Gübre :
It is 18% nitrogen (N) and 46% phosphorus as phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5).
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