In the fertilizer facility,INCRO’s pipe reactor and pre-neutralizer Technologies are used for the production of di-ammonium phosphate (DAP) and various NP/NPKS granular fertilizers. The plant is equipped with two pipe reactors (PRs) and a pre neutralizer (PN)

In the pipe reactor process of INCRO, the productions of DAP and NPK types(12-32-16 or similar DAP+K production) can be made without using AS. In the mixture process of INCRO, (PN+PR or PN) AS and NP/NPK( 20.20.0 and 15.15.15) productions can be made.

This technology proved its success in many industrial facilities in abroad, Spain, India, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Philippines, Tunisia, Portugal, Colombia, Korea, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Morocco fertilizer plants. The facility has the following design production capacity:
-DAP 1.650 tons/day
-NPK (DAP+ KCI based) 2,310-2,420 t/day
-NP / NPK 1,980-2,200 t/day

Raw materials are concentrated phosphoric acid (50-54% P2O5), weak phosphoric acid (27-29% P2O5), liquid anhydrous ammonia, concentrated sulfuric acid, potassium chloride, ammonium sulfate, prilled urea, and filler (clay or similar). Additional chemicals and auxiliaries are Anti-foam, Coating Oil, Process Water, Cooling Water, Instrument Air, Operating Air, Natural Gas for drying and Low / Medium pressure Steam (LS / MS).

There are advantages such as high production capacity, very low pollution, low energy consumption, product quality, maintenance cost savings, high ammonia efficiency.

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