Ammonia Plant

Ammonia is used as the main active raw material and additive in many fields, from household cleaning agents to explosives, from the pharmaceutical industry to cooling systems, especially in the production of chemical fertilizers and various chemicals.

Physical Properties of Ammonia

  • Appearance: Colorless
  • Smell: Pungent and sultry
  • Density: 0,696 gr / cm3 (20 ° C)
  • Ph (1% solution): 11.7
  • Boiling Point: -33,4 ° C (1 atm)
  • Freezing Point: -77.7 ° C
  • Steam Pressure: 8,6 bar (20 ° C)

Production and Consumption Values ​​

The main raw materials of ammonia production are natural gas, water and atmospheric air. The electrical energy required for production is Eti Gübre A.Ş. An average of 8 MW is met from the steam turbine with a total installed power of 32 MW, which is within the body of Mazıdağı Phosphate Facilities.

  • Production Capacity: 300 tons / day Liquid Ammonia
  • Natural Gas Consumption: 253,000 SM3 / day
  • Raw Water Consumption: 480 tons / day
  • Atmospheric Air: 277,000 NM3 / day
  • Electrical Energy Consumption: 204 MW / day

Production Process

Ammonia with chemical formula NH3; Hydrogen (H2) and nitrogen (N2) gases are formed by the following chemical reaction.

The production of H2 and N2 gases required for ammonia production takes place in the following 6 stages.
  1. Production of H2 Gas as a Result of Steam + Natural Gas Reaction
  2. Obtaining N2 Gas by Adding Atmospheric Air to Process Gas
  3. Conversion of CO Gas in Process Gas to CO2 Gas
  4. Removal of CO2 Gas in Process Gas
  5. Purification of Synthesis Gas
  6. Ammonia Synthesis Reaction

The produced gas is cooled and liquefied in ammonia, cooling water and liquid ammonia heat exchangers and sent to 2 spherical storage tanks, each with a capacity of 3400 tons. Ammonia is stored in spherical tanks at 6 bar pressure and 10 degrees temperature for use in fertilizer production. In addition, a pool was built around the tanks and a water spray system was installed against ammonia leaks that may occur.

Eti Gübre; which contribute to the development of the national economy and to implement giant projects, continue to produce work for Turkey.

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