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We aim to become an international role-model organization that directs the future by exceeding the expectations of our stakeholders with our management approach and continuously developing processes.


As Eti Bakır, we are pioneering in bringing all components of our natural resources to the economy in the most efficient way and with sustainability


• Creating Value: We focus on creating value for our customers and society.
• Pioneering and Creating Difference: We always stay ahead by continuously improving our products and production methods. We invest in the future by developing our employees and business partners.
• Respecting Humans and Nature: It is our priority to protect humans and nature in our all activities. Continuous improvement studies are carried out in order to increase occupational safety and to use natural resources in the most efficient way. We research and support human and nature friendly solutions.
• Continuous Improvement: We are willing and taking responsibility to reach better and to solve problems in every field.
• Collaboration: We carry out our business with promoting teamwork and joint effort. We achieve the aimed results by working process-orientedly.
• Innovation: Our commitment on learning and continuous improvement enables us to have the ability to change. We stay youth by continuously renewing ourselves; in which this ability is the secret of our success in innovation, entrepreneurship, agility, specialization and use of technology.
• Being Open and Fair: We create an environment of mutual trust and understanding with all our employees and business partners; and continuously strengthen that environment. Each other’s opinions are valuable for us. We keep our studies with common behaviour and respect, to create an environment that encourages progress and creativity.

Our principles and values form our corporate culture with a joint management model and working behaviour. We develop the systems and methods we use according to our common values and make them valuable for everyone.

Mazıdağı Metal Recycling and Integrated Fertilizer Plants

Mazıdağı Phosphate Plant started its operations in 2018 as a fertilizer plant with an investment of 1,1 billion USD in Mardin. Eti Bakır A.Ş. Mazıdağı Phosphate Plant, which joined Cengiz Holding in 2011, has a production capacity of phosphate rock over 550,000 tons annually. The new fertilizer plant is expected to be the largest private sector investment in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions. 85% of the raw materials are provided domestically at the Mazıdağı Fertilizer Plant. The facility also produces the electricity it needs. The plant is expected to have 20% of the fertilizer market share in Turkey at the first stage. Mazıdağı Phosphate and Fertilizer Plant will be the only fertilizer plant in the region which will produce 750 thousand tons of fertilizers, including 200 thousand tons of DAP and 550 thousand tons of NP annually, and will meet the entire fertilizer need of Harran Plain and GAP.

Eti Bakır A.Ş. Mazıdağı Phosphate Plant is located 65 km from Mardin, 90 km from Diyarbakır and 520 km from Iskenderun port.

The facility which was established in 1974 in order to meet some of the phosphate fertilizer need of our country and reduce its dependence on imports; was transferred to the chairmanship of the privatization administration upon the decision of the privatization high board and was put out to tender. In July 2011, it was purchased and incorporated into Cengiz Holding.

Mazıdağı Phosphate Plant was put into operation to meet some of the fertilizer needs, which is dependent on imports, of Turkey, an agricultural country, to create an opportunity for employment in the region and to contribute to the national economy.

Facilities in Eti Bakır Mazıdağı Plant
  • DAP (Fertilizer) Plant
  • Sulfuric Acid Plant
  • Phosphoric Acid Plant
  • Ammonia Plant
  • LEACH Plant
  • Mining Operations

Eti Gübre; which contribute to the development of the national economy and to implement giant projects, continue to produce work for Turkey.

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